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Mopar recently unveiled their remarkable supercharged engine, the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine (also known as “The Hellephant”), and you can preorder yours today in Escondido, San Diego at Jack Powell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram! Supporting 1,000 supercharged horsepower and 950 lb-ft of torque, this incredible engine is compatible with almost any pre-1976 vehicle when paired with Mopar’s easy-to-use “plug and play” engine kit. Stop in today to get a better look at all the supercharged luxury the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine grants its users, so you can show your car off around the streets of Vista.

What Comes Included with the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine?

426.2 engine

For many vintage muscle car enthusiasts, it may be enough just to discover the exceptional horsepower and torque numbers associated with the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine. But any prospective buyer of this powerful engine in and around Carlsbad will be even happier to know the complete assembly kit comes with some extras, including:

  • Water Pump
  • Flywheel
  • Front Sump Oil Pan
  • Supercharger with Throttle Body
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Coil Packs

Take a Closer Look at the 426 HEMI® Engine’s Features

The Hellephant Engine can be the perfect fit for any muscle car enthusiast simply due to its impressive horsepower, but the engine also highlights these incredible features:

  • 426 Cubic Inches
  • 4.125 Inches Bore
  • 4.0 Inches Stroke
  • 3.0L Supercharger with Max 15 Pounds Per Square Inch
  • Forged 4340 H-Beam with ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Forged Aluminum Piston Material
  • 54.3-millimeter Intake Valve Size
  • 42-millimeter Exhaust Valve Size
  • 9.5:1 Compression Ratio
  • 6,800 Peak Rotations Per Minute

Find Out More About the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine Today at Jack Powell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

With the above features and extras highlighted with Mopar’s new 426 Crate HEMI® Engine, it instantly becomes clear that this supercharged engine is the only suitable choice for real muscle car and racecar enthusiasts. If you really like what you’ve seen regarding the Hellephant Engine, then you can come and visit us at Jack Powell Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Escondido, San Diego for the opportunity to get even more in-depth details about the engine, as well as reserve your own today! Contact us for more information on the 426 Crate HEMI® Engine, or to find out more about our vast inventory of new and used vehicles.

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