Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Rebates

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

You’re sure to love your new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Not only does it offer the comfort and room your family deserves, and an efficient Hybrid engine that helps reduce emissions and keep more green in your wallet, but did you know that by purchasing a Hybrid vehicle you’re also entitled to a Federal tax credit and a state rebate? It’s true! Read on to learn more about the rebates and credits available to you, as well as resources for hybrid owners.

How Do I Receive My Credit?

In order to receive your tax credits you’ll need to apply for them. According to the Fuel Economy Tax Credit info page, a credit of up to $7,500 is available for Pacifica Hybrid owners! In order to take advantage of this credit you’ll need to fill out the Qualified Plug-in Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit tax form and submit it with your taxes.

Are There Other Rebates I’m Eligible for?

Yes! You can find out more information on all of the available rebates at the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Here you’ll learn about:

  • Rebate Limits
  • Application Requirements
  • Ownership Requirements
  • Vehicle Eligibility

The process is simple, you just need to:

  1. Reside in California
  2. Purchase an eligible vehicle
  3. Apply online before funds run out
  4. Submit copies of supporting documents
  5. Register the eligible vehicle in California for 30 months

More Resources for Your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Your Pacifica Hybrid manages such outstanding fuel economy thanks to its impressive lithium-ion battery. While the battery charges during regenerative braking, essentially capturing the energy from the brakes when they are applied during driving, to make the most out of your Pacifica Hybrid’s battery you’ll want to plug in and charge up between trips. You can find thousands of public charging stations across the nation by using PlugShare. Or, turn your garage into your own private charging station with the available 240-volt Level II charger, and have your battery fully charged in as little as 2 hours. Get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at our Parts Department to order your Mopar Charging Station today!

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